Tiny Home: Casa Jibairo

In our tiny home, Casa Jibairo, you can enjoy a quiet and comfortable stay next to the crops of our agroecological farm, where you will sleep surrounded by nature in a very comfortable space.

Farm Tour

A unique experience for the whole family! Come and learn about agroecology and everything we do here on the farm. We will pass through the whole process: from seed to harvest. You’ll be visiting a private ecological farm located in Rio Grande, close to El Yunque National Rainforest. We are certified as an Agritourism Farm by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.



Create your own cigar!

Create An Artisan Cigar With A Master Roller | Basic Tobacco & Cigar Workshop Learn about the history of tobacco in Puerto Rico, the different stages of the plant, its characteristics and how to taste a good cigar. Puertorrican rum included for the cigar tasting!