El Club del Turro – 5-Pack – Mixed Bundle

El Club del Turro – 5-Pack – Mixed Bundle


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The 5-Pack Mixed Club del Turro Bundle  includes:


  • 1 Club del Turro – Santiago Series – Corona
    The Corona Serie Santiago is a full-intensity cigar, with woody notes, dark chocolate, and coffee. It contains a Corojo wrapper and a mixture of Dominican tobacco.
  • 1 Club del Turro – Santiago Series – Robust
    This cigar contains a Sumatra Ecuador wrapper with delicious Dominican fillers that give us notes of strawberries and vanilla.
  • 1 Club del Turro – Santiago Series – Short Salomon
    The Short Salomón is a small cigar, full of flavor. Wrapped in a Corojo wrapper with Dominican fillers, this tobacco surprises with its notes of earth, caramel, and toasted nuts.
  • 1 Club del Turro – Santiago Series – Torpedo
    This cigar comprises the largest vitola of this series with a Sumatra Ecuador wrapper. It is a medium smoke with faint notes of toasted almonds and caramel.
  • 1 Turro Club del Turro – HVA – Robust
    The robust HVA contains tobacco produced at the Neo Jibairo Farm in Río Grande, Puerto Rico. Its Habano Vuelta Abajo wrapper offers a full profile of earth, chocolate, and coffee, paired with an almondy Indonesian binder surrounding Puerto Rican leaves with notes of saltiness and aged grapes. A unique experience!

El Club del Turro is a tobacco company founded in 2018 in Finca Neo Jibairo in Río Grande, Puerto Rico. Three young Puerto Ricans carry out all the tobacco manufacturing processes, from its seed, harvest, age, and cigar making. In their mission to rescue an almost extinct tradition on their island, Antonio, Tito, and Francisco produce a unique and historical product.

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