Falto – LJF “Reserva del Fundador”

Falto – LJF “Reserva del Fundador”


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This cigar has a superb blend of Dominican Republic-grown Havana ’92 wrapper, Sumatra Ecuadorian binder, and filler or filler of rare tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The dynamics of smoking this cigar are extremely interesting, starting with a medium flavor and building to a full flavor experience. Hints of dark chocolate, espresso, and spice are alluring throughout the smoking process. Great complexity and dynamic experience.

Size: Box Press – 5 ½ x 52

Wrapper: Dominican Habana ‘92

Binder: Sumatra Ecuador

Filler: Dominican Republic and Nicaragua

Tabacalera Falto was founded more than 27 years ago in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico by Luis Falto. The name of this blender is known outside of Puerto Rico, anywhere Ultra Boutique Premium cigars are tasted. His passion for the art of manufacturing and tasting a good cigar leads him to a constant search to create perfect and personalized blends. “That road took me to Santiago de los Caballeros, a region where some of the most prestigious cigar brands in the world are produced. I entered into an agreement with the La Aurora group, the oldest factory in the Dominican Republic, and started with a small, very personal production, maintaining strict quality control. This intimate production was welcomed in the US market, especially by the Davidoff of Geneva stores. From that point on, growth has been dizzying and the name of Puerto Rico is already associated with a world-class tobacco company” (Luis Falto, PlaceresPR).